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In general, soccer rules start with FIFA's lengthy Laws of the Game.  Individual leagues and tournaments then modify the rules in whole or in part with Local Rules of Competition. Please check the rules of each league or tournament to see how the rules may be modified in that particular league or tournament.

  • There are currently no published local rules for games in BYSL's YDA Program.  Please check with the YDA Director for any questions you may have.
  • Go to IYSA's website to find specific rules if your team is playing in a different IYSA Idaho league.


We are always looking for volunteers, whether to help coach, administration, to help with events, and otherwise. If you are interested in helping us provide the best possible soccer experience for our kids fill out the form.


BYSL is actively looking for sponsors to help us improve our Programs, we love to provide Idaho Falls areas business with advertising opportunities. We want to create a win-win atmosphere where both our kids and local businesses benefit. We also welcome cash donations. BYSL is a registered non-profit entity and all funds are used to benefit the kids and improve the soccer experience.