BYSL Programs

Our Youth Development Program (also known as YDP) has two seasons. One in Fall (from late August to mid-October) and one in Spring (from late March to late May). This program is for kids aged U6, U8 and U10 (roughly 5 to 9 year olds) and is mainly focused on development and fun, not competition. This program is co-ed.

Our Transitional Program also has a spring and a fall season. It is for kids aged U11 and U12 and is designed to be the bridge between the YDP and the more competitive Junior High/Club Programs offered by BYSL. Players travel up and down the Snake River Valley playing against other U11 and U12 kids.

Our Junior High Program is a fall only program. It is for 7th graders, 8th graders, and 9th graders who do not make their High School team, but who wish to continue playing soccer at a more competitive level than other recreational opporunities that are available. Players are assigned to teams based on where they attend (or would attend) Junior High. Teams travel up and down the Snake River Valley for games. Standings are kept and the teams compete in a season end tournament.

Our Club Program is the Competitive program in Idaho Falls. Teams may participate in tournaments both in Idaho and elsewhere. Teams also participate in the "Snake River League" which runs from early April to late May. (High school aged players are encouraged to play for their High School team during the fall, which is not affiliated with or operated by BYSL).

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