About BYSL

BYSL is a Registered Non-Profit Entity to Benefit Youth

Money raised by the league (whether through registration fees; sponsorships; fund-raising, or otherwise) is put back into soccer programs to directly benefit the players. In addition to our Programs, BYSL provides tournaments, soccer camps, and many other opportunties to the youth of Eastern Idaho. We want kids to play!

BYSL Supports Other Soccer Opportunties in Idaho Falls

BYSL supports other local youth soccer-related programs, such as the YMCA's indoor soccer arena, and the City of Idaho Falls summer soccer program. We also work with the local AYSO, in jointly using fields and providing as many soccer opportunties to kids as possible. BYSL helps fund fields that can be used, not only by BYSL, but also many other organizations.

BYSL Operates on the Efforts of Volunteers

BYSL is operated by the efforts of many, many volunteers, including a Board of Directors, Program Directors, coaches, assistant coaches, and many others. We all love soccer and want to see our kids improve their lives and succeed as they are given opportunities to compete and grow through the game.

We Want to Improve To Serve Our Youth More Effectively

BYSL is not perfect, but it is growing quickly and we are working hard to make BYSL the best it possibly can be. If you think there is something we can improve, if you would like to help us grow and develop (players and/or programs), or if you would like to provide us with information don't hesitate to contact BYSL.

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